• Economy dwelling
  • Well lit interior
  • Covered porch
  • Large loft area

Classic Cabin

Classic Cabin

Looking for a hunting lodge? or a dwelling to place by your favorite lake? Need an office for your car lot? Our Classic Cabin offers secure protection at a minimum of cost for your hunting, fishing or business needs. We offer this favorite economy dwelling in rustic wood, durable vinyl or classic metal, for which ever best meets your needs.

The Classic Cabin offers a 4' porch, an 8' loft in the back for sleeping or storage and 8' high walls. It comes with 4 - 2'x3' windows and a secure solid 3' metal door. You will feel secure and cozy in your snug cabin at your favorite spot.

Consider the options a portable building is able to add to your life. Then simplify your life by calling 618-994-4330 and let us help you find (or build) the portable structure of your dreams. We have many Classic Cabins in stock for quick delivery!!

Standard sizes available for the Classic Cabin