• Protect your assets
  • 9x7 roll up door
  • Spacious interior
  • Heavy Duty Floor



We build our garage structures with durability in mind. From beginning to end, we want your structure to last. Garages are built with floor joist 12'' on center, instead of the normal 16" center. The walls are 8'; each garage has two 2'x3' windows and a 3' solid metal door. Roll up door is standard or upgrade to an overhead insulated or non-insulated panel door.

A Marten Portable Building will add to the value of your property and give you years of service. You'll be protecting that antique car or boat and all the while you won't be racking up a big storage bill. Custom build your garage to your desires. We'll work with you to create a dream home for your dream car.

Call us at 618-994-4330 or find one of our dealers on the dealers map and we will listen to your needs.

Standard sizes available for the Garage