• Popular vacation or weekend cabin
  • Large front porch
  • Spacious interior
  • Large sleep loft area

Lofted Cabin

Lofted Cabin

Marten Portable Buildings is excited to offer the Lofted Cabin option. It is built in either wood, metal or vinyl to fit your surroundings. The Lofted Cabin offers you an economical and yet cozy option for housing when you want a home away from home. Or some are even finding it serves well to be the year round housing.

The Lofted Cabin comes standard with 4 windows and a solid 3’ metal door. 8’ wide buildings come with a 4’ porch and 10’ wide buildings and wider come with a 6’ porch. Railings are standard. The Lofted Cabin comes with a loft above the porch and in the back.

Having your own Lofted Cabin dwelling is much more pleasant than always renting some motel room or cabin to share with others. This may be your own home away from home. Call 618-994-4330 today to check our our inventory. We often carry Lofted Cabins in stock for ready delivery!!

Marten Portable Buildings covers the entire state of Illinois and into the St Louis MO area with ready delivery from your local dealer.

Standard sizes available for the Lofted Cabin